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  Applied Industrial Technologies This page gives definitions for the the major components of horsepower including; speed, velocity, force, work, foot-pound, and power. The customer is also able to view and illustration of horsepower and several equations of hp.
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SPEED, in the science of bearing application and power transmission, is expressed in terms of the revolutions per minute (rpms) of a rotating object.

VELOCITY is speed in a designated direction and is usually expressed in terms of feet per minute (fpm).

FORCE is the element that produces a change in the velocity of an object. It is usually expressed in pounds.

WORK occurs when a force moves an object through a distance. It is usually expressed in foot-pounds or inch-pounds.

POWER is the rate of doing work. It is usually expressed in foot-pounds per minute (fppm).

HORSEPOWER (hp) is the unit of power. It is the power required to lift 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute.

Illustration of Horsepower

Illustration of horsepower

     33,000# x 1 = 1 hp                    1,000# x 33 = 1 hp
         33,000                                      33,000                

Foot-Pound is the moment created by a force of one pound applied to the end of a lever arm one foot long. Pound-feet indicate torque.

25 hp at 150 rpm = 10,504 Pound-Inches Torque
25 hp at 1.50 rpm = 1,050,400 Pound-Inches Torque
2.5 hp at 1.50 rpm = 105,040 Pound-Inches Torque

hp =    pounds (#) x feet
         33,000 x no. minutes

hp = Force (lb-in) x fpm

hp =  Torque (in lb-in) x rpm

hp =  Torque (in lb-ft) x rpm

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