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  Applied Industrial Technologies assists the customer with identifying overall assembly length of the hose including illustrations with measurements. In addition, directions on how to measure the offset angle with illustrations.
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Identifying Overall Assembly Length

Unless otherwise specified, the assembly’s overall length is measured from the extreme end of one fitting to the extreme of the other; except for the O-ring face seal fittings which shall be measured from the sealing face. Where elbow fittings are used, measurement shall be to the centerline of the sealing surface of the elbow end.

Assembly Length Mearurements

Hose illustrations

Measuring the Offset Angle

The offset angle between two fittings is the number of degrees measured in a clockwise direction, between the fitting nearest the viewer and the farthest end fitting. Tolerance on the offset angle are +/- 3 degrees for assemblies up to 24 inches long and +/- 5 degrees for assemblies 24 inches and longer.

The following illustration shows the clockwise angle separation between a “close” fitting and a “far” fitting. The “close” fitting would be defined as the fitting closest when looking at an assembly end to end. The “far” fitting would be defined as the fitting on the far of the assembly when looking at an assembly end to end. The far end is used as the reference point and the “close” end establishes the angular difference.


Offset Angle Circle Graphic for Industrial Hose

Far End Reference Measuring Clockwise illustration

Clockwise Measurement (Degrees) illutration

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