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  Applied Industrial Technologies Applied.com explains the Theoretical Push and Pull Forces for Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders, including a formula, explanations and a pdf with all this information available for download.
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Theoretical Push and Pull Forces for Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

The cylinder output forces are derived from the formula:
F = P x A

F = Force in lbs
P = Pressure at the cylinder in lbs per sq in, gauge
A = Effective area of cylinder piston in sq in

Free air refers to normal atmospheric conditions of the air at sea level (14.7 psi). Use cu ft free air required data (see chart below) to compute CFM required from a compressor at 80 cu ft of free air required. Other pressures can be calculated using the information below.

Formula for calculating pressure

V1 = Free air consumption per inch of stroke (cubic feet)
V2 = Cubic feet displaced per inch of stroke
P2 = Gauge pressure required to move maximum load

Download Theoretical Push and Pull Forces tables pdf

Theoretical Push & Pull Forces (214 KB)

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