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  Applied Industrial Technologies This page gives the definition for torque and several equations. The customer is also able to view a Horsepower to Torque Conversion table.
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Torque is the turning moment or twisting effort in a shaft or an object that tends to cause rotation. It is the measure of rotational force and is expressed in foot-pounds.

Torque = force in pounds x radius in inch or foot

Torque (pound-inch) =  63,025 x hp

Torque (pound-foot) = 5,252 x hp

Horsepower =  TORQUE (lb-in) x rpm

Horsepower =  TORQUE (lb-ft) x rpm

Horsepower to Torque Conversion Table

To compute torque at any horsepower, multiply torque values above by horsepower required.

10 hp @ 580 rpm, torque = 10 x 109, or 1,090 lb-ins
1/2 hp @ 100 rpm, torque = 1/2 x 630, or 315 lb-ins

For intermediate speeds, approximate the torque from table, or apply standard torque formula above.

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