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  Applied Industrial Technologies walks the customer through directions on what to listen for when experiencing belt malfunction. V-Belt Systems chart and Troubleshooting Belts chart available to download for easy reference.
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What to listen for

Illustration of Squeal is usually a result of insufficient belt tension and requires prompt investigation. If squeal persists after you have checked all belts and adjusted tension, examine the drive itself for overloading.

Illustration of Chirp, a sound like that of a chirping bird, can occur on alltypes of belt drives. Never apply dressing or oil to a belt in an effort to eliminate chirps or squeaks. Realignments of an idler may help. Chirps or squeaks are often annoying, but will not harm belts.

V-Belt Systems

Have you ever wondered what caused your belt drive to fail? This table gives you a handy reference as to possible causes for certain types of belt failures and their likelihood.

Download V-Belt Systems table pdf

V-Belt Systems Chart (114 KB)

Troubleshooting Belts

Why does my belt look like this? This table describes what your belt looks like, then lists the probable cause and solution to fix your belt drive.

Download Probable Causes & Solutions to Troubleshooting Belts chart pdf

Probable Causes & Solutions (122 KB)

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