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  Applied Industrial Technologies The Baldor • Reliance® Super-E® Premium Efficient AC Motor helps you optimize efficiency, reduce electrical power costs and improve system reliability.
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Scrap Your Energy-Hogging Motors

The average motor consumes 50 to 60 times its initial purchase price in electricity during an average 10-year service life. As such, motor selection can significantly impact your plant’s utility bill. And as energy costs continue to rise, energy hogging motors will cost you more and more.

The solution? Invest in a Baldor • Reliance® Super-E® Premium Efficient AC Motor. The Baldor•Reliance Super-E Motor helps you optimize efficiency, reduce electrical power costs and improve system reliability. A relatively small upfront investment will pay back quickly and also pay dividends in energy savings for years and years to come. The savings are so significant, it can be worthwhile to replace fully serviceable standard efficiency motors.

Super-E Motors are designed to conserve energy over extended time periods. These premium efficiency designs are available in both Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled and Open Drip Proof construction. All three phase motors are Inverter Ready per NEMA Standard MG1, Part This means the motors in 230 and 460 volts meet NEMA's corona inception voltage requirements, under this Standard, and can withstand peak voltages of up to 1600 volts. Motors having premium efficiency are also available in single phase designs.

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  • Heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Ball bearings
  • ISR copper windings
  • Three-year warranty
  • Low loss, electrical-grade lamination steel
  • To conserve energy over extended time periods
  • Where continuous- or frequent-duty is required
  • EISA (Energy Independence Security Act of 2007) compliant
  • Energy Reduction: Uses less energy than competing products with same function and purpose
  • Meets Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) energy efficiency levels
  • Motor meets NEMA Premium® efficiency standards for electric motors
  • Inverter ready per NEMA MG1, Part

Caution: Motors misapplied in hazardous environments can cause a fire or explosion, resulting in destruction of property, serious injury, or death. Only the end user or a qualified underwriter is to identify and select the proper class, group, division, and temperature code motor to meet the requirements of each installation. Service center personnel can advise what listings and approvals motors carry, but cannot evaluate nor recommend what motors may be suitable for use in hazardous environments.


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