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What do all the fields mean in Checkout?

    • Customer First Name: Pre-filled with the first name in your Applied.com profile. You can change this name if necessary.
    • Customer Last Name: Pre-filled with the last name in your Applied.com profile. You can change this name if necessary. 
    • Title: Enter your current job title with your company.
    • Confirmation: To receive an order confirmation, select an option from the drop-down list. Your confirmation is preset to be sent to your e-mail address.
    • Purchase Order: Enter up to 15 characters in this field. 
    • Release/Requisition: Enter up to 15 characters in this field.
    • Payment Method: The preset payment method is specified in your agreement under established credit terms with Applied Industrial Technologies.
    • Ship-to Address: The address where you want your part(s) to be shipped. The default is the ship-to address in your customer profile. If you have provided us with multiple ship-to addresses during registration, you may click on Additional Addresses to choose the shipping address you wish to use. You cannot manually change the ship-to address from the checkout screen unless your user profile allows this functionality. This field cannot be left blank. If your ship-to address is incorrect, please contact your local service center.
    • Bill-to Address: Check the box if the billing address is the same as the shipping address.
    • Shipping Method: The method by which you want your part(s) to be shipped. The default is the shipping method in your customer profile. You can change this method if necessary by choosing one of the other popular shipping methods. If you choose Other, a drop-down list box gives you more selections. This field cannot be left blank.
    • Promotion Code: If you have received any promotions from Applied®, you may enter the code in this field.
    • Attention: Enter the person’s name to which the order is shipping.
    • Shipping Notes: Enter any specific shipping notes here.
    • Service Center Notes: Enter any notes for your local service center here.
    • Order Qty: If you need to update any line item quantities, you need to go to your Shopping Cart. You can change the quantity for each line item by typing over the number and clicking on Update. If you want to delete a part from your cart, click on Remove under the quantity. To complete your order, click on Checkout.
    • Required Date: This field is pre-filled for 14 days after the date you are ordering. If you want to change it, enter the required date for each item in your shopping cart, or change the date on the first item and click the Apply To All button if you have more than one item.
    • Nontaxable/Taxable: Select from the drop-down list. If you select Nontaxable, you must have a tax exempt certificate on file at your local service center.
    • Ship Complete/Ship Partial: Select from the drop-down list.
    • Customer Note: Enter an optional note for each line item up to 56 characters.

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