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  Applied Industrial Technologies Use fluorescent leak detection products and/or thread sealants to find and fix leaks in an HVAC system.
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 Q. How can I find and fix leaks in my HVAC system?

A. Leakage is the major cause of inefficiency in HVAC systems. Finding the exact source of a leak can be tricky. Fluorescent leak detection products may be extremely helpful in pinpointing the precise source of a leak. To use this method, add a small amount of fluorescent dye to a circulating system where you suspect the leak. Then run the system for a short time to allow the dye to mix and circulate with the host fluid. The dye escapes with the host fluid wherever there is a leak, glowing bright yellow/green when inspected with a high-intensity inspection lamp. This method will detect even the smallest, most elusive leaks. After the repair is made, a separate spray is applied to the leak site to neutralize the dye and help confirm that the leak was repaired.

Thread sealants 
are a simple and inexpensive way to minimize leakage and save energy costs. Applying these sealants will allow you to seal air lines while allowing for post-assembly adjustments. Many thread sealants can be used at very high temperatures and under very high pressures. 


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