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 Eco-Friendly Operations

Applied Industrial Technologies is guided by objectives of improving operational efficiencies in energy, water,
waste and environmental management systems. We continually look for ways to provide value to our customers,
while running our business successfully and safeguarding resources for future generations.

A number of ongoing sustainability initiatives include:

Company-Wide Initiatives

  • Discarding terminals, computers, printers and other computer-related equipment incorrectly negatively affects our environment. Applied® has developed procedures detailing the proper disposal of these items.
  • We have eliminated the distribution of paper pay stubs. This information is now available online only. By switching to electronic distribution, we’re saving more than a few trees as well as the energy consumed in getting the stubs to remote locations.
  • Our dedicated delivery provider has joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership, an innovative collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Corporate Headquarter Initiatives

  • The Applied® headquarters utilizes an energy conservation system integrating automatic temperature control for heating and air conditioning equipment.
  • The building was constructed with energy efficient windows designed with coated insulated glass to save on energy.
  • We recycle paper, catalogs and magazines, aluminum cans, glass and plastic products throughout the building.
  • The Applied® headquarters controls lighting with occupancy sensors where appropriate.
  • We have introduced a Green Certified cleaning process which entails the use of HEPA filtered backpack vacuums, Green Seal certified cleaning products and color-coded cleaning supplies to reduce cross contamination.

Service Center Initiatives

  • At most service centers, we have installed programmable thermostats.
  • Applied® has converted a large number of service centers to T8 electronic ballasts, high efficiency fluorescent bulbs and occupancy sensors where appropriate.
  • HAZMAT Training is mandatory for all service center associates. The course provides detailed information on potential HAZMAT security issues and how associates can identify and prevent security threats.

Distribution Center Initiatives

  • We recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, metals and used oil.
  • We re-use skids, plastic shipping crates, packaging materials and incoming cardboard boxes.
  • High efficiency fluorescent bulbs have been installed.
  • As with our service center associates, HAZMAT training is mandatory for all distribution center associates.

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