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What is the function of Order Status?
Order Status allows you to view both past and current orders, whether they were placed online, through EDI, faxed, mailed, or phoned in to your local service center. 

You can search for orders by:

    • Order Date: Search by date processed
    • PO Number: Enter your full or partial PO Number
    • Release/Requisition #/Cost Center/Department/Ledger Code/Expense Account: Enter your full or partial release/requisition number
    • Quote Number: Enter the Applied® full or partial quote number
    • Confirmation Number: Enter the Applied® full or partial confirmation number
    • Open Orders: Search for all open orders
    • Part Number: You must enter complete manufacturer part number to locate any orders that contain that manufacturer part number 
    • Item Number (SKU): Enter the Applied® SKU number for the item
    • Charge/Cash Ticket: Enter the Applied® full or partial charge/cash ticket number

How do I request a quote?
Add parts to Shopping Cart by manually selecting parts, using Quick Order Pad, or searching the site. Proceed to Checkout. Fill out the required fields and click on Submit Quote. You can view the quote by looking in Quote Status located on the left navigation bar.

You may add to your shopping cart individual or specific lines from a quote rather than your entire quote. Additionally, multiple quotes can be added to your shopping cart one at a time.

How do I submit an order?
If you don't need a quote, click on Submit Order. Please note your total order amount does not include shipping costs or taxes. The order has been placed when you see your confirmation number.

After I submit my order, what happens?
You will receive confirmation that your order is now being processed by your local service center. If there are any questions or updates to your order, a local representative will contact you. Of course, you may call your local service center at any time to discuss your order.

Can I change quantities or remove items once I’ve submitted them through Quick Order Pad?
Yes. At any time in the Quick Order Pad process, you may update the quantity by typing a new number into the Quantity column and then clicking the Update button. You can remove an item by clicking the Remove button.
Once I’ve added my items to Quick Order Pad, is it automatically added to my shopping cart?
No. You may add the items you've selected to your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button. If you prefer, you may proceed directly to checkout from Quick Order Pad by clicking Checkout.  

Can I add more than five items at a time through Quick Order Pad?
Yes. You may add additional lines by clicking Add More Lines. Each time you click the button, five additional lines will be shown for your use.  

I have a spreadsheet of parts that I need to order. Do I need to type in each item?
You may copy and paste multiple items into Quick Order Pad from most software applications by clicking the Paste Data button. A maximum of 100 lines may be copied and pasted at one time. The data can be delimited by a tab, space, bar, or comma. The default delimiter from Excel when copying and pasting columns is a tab.  

Can I use my own part numbers in this site?
Yes. If a list of part numbers has been given to your Applied® account representative, they will be available on Applied.com. Contact your local service center to have your part numbers shown on the Web site. No additional steps are needed.  

What happens if my part numbers are revised after the initial setup?
After you communicate your part number additions or changes to your Applied® account representative, it may take a few business days for the revisions to appear on the Web site. If there is a problem, please call 1-800-655-6552.  

How are Applied.com orders processed?
Your Applied.com order is electronically transmitted based on your account number to your service center.  

What does Find Similar Part mean?
You can click on Find Similar Part to locate comparable parts by changing a few of the predetermined attributes. This option applies to about 550,000 of our most popular items.  

What does You May Also Need mean?
To assist you with making the right product selections with the least amount of work, the You May Also Need function recommends parts that complement your product selection. For example, if you are ordering a sprocket that requires a bushing, the You May Also Need link will provide you with easy access to the proper bushing series, as well as the chain and links.  

How do I cancel an order?
To cancel an order, contact your local service center or Technical Support at techsupport@applied.com.

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