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How many Applied® account numbers may I use?
Since many customers have more than one Applied® account number and/or more than one shipping location, we can set up the system to customize your account. You select which account to use when entering Applied.com. In the checkout process, you can select one of the listed shipping locations.  

How many people from one company can register?
A company can register as many people as needed. For security reasons, each person should have an individual username and password.  

Can people within the same company share a username and password?
No. Each person in the company who uses the Applied.com Web site should have an individual username and password.  

What does it mean when a field is marked in bold font?
Fields marked in bold font are required and must be filled in before you submit your registration request.  

What are the Terms of Access, Terms of Sale, Return Policy, Supplier Terms, Store Locator, and Privacy Policy?
These documents govern your access to and use of the Web site and your purchases from Applied Industrial Technologies.  

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