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What search options does Applied.com offer?
Applied.com offers Basic Search, Advanced Search, Fuzzy Search, and Category and Attribute Search. 
What search options does the Basic Search offer?

  • Basic Search offers many ways to locate parts. The search options in this area include: 
    Mfr Part Number
    • Customer Part Number
    • Item Number (SKU)
    • Applied Order Number
    • Current Applied Industrial Technologies Catalog Page

What search options does the Advanced Search offer?

  • The Search function offers many ways to locate parts through:
    • Keyword
    • Mfr Part Number
    • Mfr Code
    • Item Number (SKU)
    • Applied Order Number
    • Current Applied Industiral Technologies Catalog Page
    • Competitor Part Number

To further assist you in the Search function, you are able to specify how you would like to search, including “exact,” “begins with,” and “contains.” 

What is Fuzzy Search?
Fuzzy Search allows letters and numbers that are similar in appearance to be used simultaneously. When Fuzzy Search is enabled, the letter "l" and number "1" would both be used to search; the same would occur with the letter "O" and number "0." Fuzzy Search also removes any dashes, slashes, spaces, or dots.

Why would I use Category and Attribute Search instead of Basic or Advanced Search?
Category and Attribute Search is a user-friendly tool that allows you to quickly locate parts when you know certain product attributes, such as diameter, material, bore, etc. You may begin the Category and Attribute Search by selecting one of the product categories. Here, you will be able to either browse all the results for that category or narrow your search further by selecting from a list of attributes available for those products.  

Am I required to use the search function of Applied.com to locate and order my part if I already know the part number?
If you already know the manufacturer part number, customer part number, catalog part number, or SKU number of the part you wish to order, you may type it into the Quick Order Pad. Once you have entered the quantities and part numbers of the items you need, select Submit Items to proceed. To save time, copy and paste multiple part numbers from your most popular software applications into the Quick Order Pad.  

Can I access a past search?
Yes. You may click the Past Search button to access your five most recent searches on Applied.com.  

What is an attribute?
Attributes are the physical characteristics of the product, such as inner diameter, outside diameter, width, color, etc.

Can I select multiple attributes for a search?
Yes. Applied.com allows you to search by one attribute at a time, but you may search on multiple attributes by clicking Enable Multiple Attribute Searching. If you are not sure what attribute values are valid for your product, you can click on Show all Attributes which will expand the attribute list to display all the choices for your selection.  

Is there a hierarchical view of the categories?
Applied.com now offers an alternate text view of categories to speed up your searching experience. From the Category and Attribute Search area on My Dashboard, click the Text View link on the right side of the screen. An expandable and collapsible view of our category structure will be accessible from one page. Click on any text or the plus(+) or minus(-) signs to either expand or collapse any given area. You will be taken to the Attribute Selector page once you have reached the last level within a category.   

I can’t find my product in the Category and Attribute or Search areas. Does that mean Applied® does not offer the product?
No. If you were unable to locate a part in Category and Attribute Search or Advanced Search, click on Basic Search and use the part number search methods. If you still cannot find the part, you may manually add it using the Quick Order Pad, or you may call your local service center for a quote. Once your local service center completes your quote, you may view it online.  

What type of information does the Search Results/Compare Parts page offer? 

  • The Search Results/Compare Parts page shows the parts found that match the criteria for your search. You can sort the list according to:
    • Part Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Product Name
    • Short Description

Items can be shown in either ascending or descending order. To sort the list, choose the Sort option from the drop-down list and click the Sort button.

If more than one part was found, you can select some or all of the parts from the current page or multiple search result pages to compare. By clicking on the All option, all of the parts in the list are selected. You can also individually select products by clicking on the checkbox located next to the part. Once you have selected the desired parts, you can click on the Compare button. This compares the attributes of the selected parts, side by side, on one screen.  

How does the Comparison Results screen function?
Once you have selected several or all of the parts in the search results list, you can click on the Compare button to review the attributes. The areas highlighted in yellow on the Comparison Results screen show the differences in the parts. You can click on the part number to get to the Product Detail page where more robust data is offered. You also have the ability to compare parts selected as a result of multiple searches.  

Can I remove items from the Comparison Results screen if I have decided they are not what I need?
Yes. You may remove items by clicking on the checkbox at the top of the item column. Once you have checked all the items you want to remove, click Remove.

Does the site provide suggestions for substitutions or interchanges?
Yes. Products that may have substitutions are marked. Click on the phrase Possible Substitution in the Product Detail to find out more about them. These parts are possible substitutions. Applied® does not make any warranty or guarantee as to this information. If you have any questions about substitutions or applications, please verify the detailed specifications with your local service center before ordering.  

Does the site show drawings of the products?
Currently only selected products have an accompanying drawing. We are working to continually add drawings for our products. Some drawings are also available from the Attribute Selector page.

Can I make the drawings easier to see?
Yes. The graphics enlarge when you click on the image.

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