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Using Applied.com

Do I need cookies enabled for Applied.com to function correctly?

Yes. In order for Applied.com to function correctly, please use the following procedures to ensure that your browser cookies are enabled.

Internet Explorer
1. On your menu bar at the top of the screen, go to Tools -> Internet Options
2. Click the Privacy tab along the top of the box
3. Under Settings, choose Advanced
4. Check the box "Override automatic cookie handling"
5. Block both 1st and 3rd party cookies
6. Check "Always allow session cookies"

1. On your menu bar at the top of the screen, go to Tools -> Options
2. Click the Privacy icon along the top of the box
3. Select the Cookies tab
4. Check "Allow site to set Cookies"
5. Check "For the originating site only"

What functionality do navigation bars provide?
The navigation bars are used to move around in the site and give easy access to the different pages. In Applied.com, there are two navigation bars; one is located on the left side of the screen, and the other is at the top of the screen (tabs). These navigation bars provide access to all parts of the site in one easy-to-locate space.

What are the features of the left navigation bar?
The handy left navigation bar provides access to all the functions of the eCommerce section of Applied.com. This toolbar is collapsible, which allows for additional space to view products or search information. There are seven main sections in the left navigation bar:  

  • Quick Links - Allows you to quickly access the following:
    • My Dashboard
    • My Account
    • Technical Calculators
    • Technical Info
    • What's New
    • Glossary
    • Request Catalog
    • MaintenancePRO (technical training)
    • Tips & Troubleshooting
  • Shopping - Allows you to:
    • View Your Cart Total
    • View Number of Cart Items
    • View Cart
    • Checkout
    • Access Quick Order Pad
    • View Saved Carts
    • Check Existing Quotes
  • Order Status/Part History - Allows you to view any previously placed and any previously purchased parts
  • Local Service Center - Address and contact information for your local service center
  • Web Technical Support
    • Provides contact information for the Help Desk
    • Allows you to access Tips & Troubleshooting
    • Allows you to access Feedback/Report Errors
  • Search
    • Basic Search
      • Mfr Part Number
      • Customer Part Number (if loaded)
      • Item Number (SKU)
      • Applied Order Number
      • Current Applied Industrial Technologies Catalog Page
    • Fuzzy Search (normalized search)
    • Past Search
      • Advanced Search
      • Keyword
      • Mfr Part Number
      • Mfr Code
      • Item Number (SKU)
      • Applied Order Number
      • Current Applied Industrial Technologies Catalog Page
    • Search Criteria
    • Method
    • Select Manufacturer
  • Category and Attribute Search – Click on the images to search by product categories
    • Text View - Combines all products onto one page with hierarchal view

What are the features of the top navigation tabs?  

  • Locate Service Centers - Allows you to locate service centers in:
    • US/Canada (searchable by zip code, city and state, or province)
    • Mexico (listed by state)
    • Puerto Rico (listed by state)
  • Site Map - Lists all of the pages in Applied.com
  • Home - Click on Home to go to the Applied.com Home page
  • Products - Click on Products tab to be able to select Promotions, Login, Browse and Buy, Catalog, Line Card
  • Company Info - Provides links to:
    • Overview
    • Career Info
    • Investor Relations
    • Press Releases
    • International Operations
  • Services - Alerts you to the host of specialized services that support customer needs beyond sourcing products
  • Resources - Material Safety Data Sheets, Literature, Vendor Sign-on
  • Industries - Directs you to industry-specific resources
  • Contact Us - Provides contact information

What kind of data is shown on the Product Detail page? 

  • Item details may include:
    • Images and/or Drawings
    • Part Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Weight
    • Product Name
    • Technical Description
    • PDF Files
    • You May Also Need
    • Find Similar Part
    • Possible Substitutions
    • Specification Table
  • Specifications unique to the product, such as:
    • Bore Type
    • Inner and Outer Diameter
    • Material
  • Product information:
    • General Information
    • Compliances
    • Features
    • Benefits
    • Applications
    • Caution  

Once you have reviewed the information, you can add the product to your cart by typing in the desired quantity and clicking Add.

PDF files for select products can now be viewed on the site from the catalog  detail page.

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